Where to Eat & Drink in Sharm El Sheikh?

Have you ever wondered where to eat & drink in Sharm El Sheikh? Tourists coming here are of course curious about the food and drink culture of the region. Sharm El Sheikh is a holiday city at the forefront with its luxurious restaurants and enticing nightlife. Especially the restaurants along the Red Sea coast share many different options with their guests, from Thai cuisine to traditional Egyptian flavors.

The restaurants and bars where you can experience great flavors are as follows...

White Elephant Thai Restaurant ve Sushi Bar

White Elephant Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar is one of the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh, and has also won many awards. When you enter the restaurant, you will first of all like the decoration of this place. The decoration of the place seriously overlaps with the beauty understanding of the customers. When you enter, you will feel a very different energy in your body and soul.

When we look at the flavors of this wonderful restaurant, we see that beautiful options await us. Mongolian Beef, which is included in the menu, is highly appreciated by the customers. We are sure that you will also like this dish, which is blended with specialties such as sushi, Thai noodles and Thai curry. So you can choose White Elephant Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar to experience the best Thai food.

La Fleur

This restaurant, La Fleur, is located within the Maritim Hotel in Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh. It is also known as a French A la Carte Restaurant. The restaurant specializes in traditional French dishes such as veal medallions and grilled fish. In addition to these, the steak varieties of the restaurant are also very popular among the customers.

La Fleur Restaurant also offers its customers local alcoholic delicacies. Of course, in addition to all these, you can also taste beautiful imported wines in the restaurant. Especially those who want to have a romantic dinner can choose La Fleur with peace of mind. It is also possible to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries in the restaurant.

On Deck - Floating Restaurant

Known as On Deck - Floating Restaurant, this establishment has the name of floating restaurant on deck. As the first floating restaurant in Sharm El Sheikh, it offers you the most wonderful views of Naama Bay. You will feel a real sense of enjoyment and satisfaction while dining here. There is an exceptional quality of service for customers. Guests are offered a rich menu and a great selection of drinks.

The restaurant's favorites include on deck, mushroom risotto and marinated lamb chops. The restaurant also offers Mediterranean cuisine and high quality seafood.

Cafe Bar & Roof

Cafe Bar & Roof is an establishment located in the center of Naama Bay, which essentially consists of three different bar areas. The first of these is known as the Camel Bar. Vacationers can do or watch many different sports activities here. We also recommend that you attend the dance and music events that take place here. In the second Space Terrace bar, you can see people passing by while sipping your drink in a large area. This part is mostly preferred by people who like calmness.

The section known as the Roof Bar is the primary choice of fun-loving vacationers. The venue offers its customers a panoramic view of the bay. DJs play beautiful songs and entertain the vacationers to the fullest. If you want to experience entertainment and wonderful flavors, Cafe Bar & Roof is the place for you.

Viva Beach

Viva Beach is a great beach bar near the Naama Bay promenade. Here you can relax in the bar, enjoy great drinks, have a nice candlelit dinner and enjoy your vacation.

When you come to this beautiful bar, you can taste the unlimited drink options here as you wish. When we look at the food options, we see that there are beautiful grill specialties, fresh fish and other seafood dishes. Especially in the evening, being here with live music will be one of the best moments of your vacation.

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