When to go to Sharm el-Sheikh?

The question of when to go to Sharm El Sheikh is on the agenda of many vacationers. Sharm El Sheikh, which fascinates everyone, especially with its underwater world, is shown among the best tourist destinations in the world. Vacationers can come to this beautiful city and have a very high quality holiday experience here. The city has many advantageous features for vacationers. All of these features make Sharm El Sheikh very preferable. Here you can swim in the sea, explore the underwater world, visit historical points, go shopping, try delicious flavors, go on a desert safari and much more. So, when is the best time to do all these beautiful activities? In other words, when to go to Sharm El Sheikh? Here is the answer...

Which month to go to Sharm El Sheikh?

If you ask what month to go to Sharm El Sheikh, we can tell you that late fall and early spring will be very suitable. As a clear answer, we can say October, November, March and April. Temperatures are quite ideal during these time periods. Of course, it should not be forgotten that this region is much further south than our country. For example, even on winter days, our Mediterranean and Aegean regions have mild weather. Sharm El Sheikh, on the other hand, is located even further south than our warmest regions. For this reason, the region is always hot.

For example, those who want to come here and scuba dive can choose any time between April and October. You can also come here directly in the winter seasons. Even in the middle of winter, it never gets cold here. You can visit and see the city from top to bottom in the weather that we can say is at warm levels. Such a vacation experience will provide you with incredible cultural contributions.

Sharm El Sheikh Climate and Weather

When we look at the climate and weather in Sharm El Sheikh, we see that the summers are scorching desert heat. Winter seasons are generally mild and dry. In Sharm El Sheikh, which sees rainfall only around 10 days a year, the humidity is between 25% and 40%. In January, the temperature of the region drops to 10 degrees Celsius. We can say that this is the coldest weather in Sharm El Sheikh. The average temperature of the winter season here is around 17 degrees.

We can say that the spring temperatures of the city are the kind that will not look like the summer seasons. The average temperature in spring is 25 degrees. When the summer seasons come, the city's temperature rises to the highest level. Especially in August, the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees. Of course, we can say that such a temperature makes it difficult to have a vacation in the city. The weather in Sharm El Sheikh is cool for 5 months of the year and hot for 7 months. The sea water temperature is always suitable for swimming.

Festivals in Sharm El Sheikh

The festivals of Sharm El Sheikh are of great interest to tourists coming to this city. Especially the International Film Festival, which is organized in the summer, is highly appreciated by everyone. In the autumn seasons, theater and camel festivals are organized, which are also highly appreciated by tourists. There are also spectacular dolphin festivals in the city. In addition to all these, local dances are also very popular among the tourists of Sharm El Sheikh.

Public Holidays and Festivals in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is also home to Christian citizens. Christians living here celebrate January 7 of each year as Orthodox Christmas. The Islamic New Year, Ramadan and Kurban holidays, which vary according to the Hijri calendar, are also among the special days. Other special days in the country are as follows:

  • January 25th is National Police Day

  • April 29th Sinai Liberation Day

  • June 30th is Revolution Day in Egypt

  • October 6th Armed Forces Day has been declared a public holiday across the country

  • May 3rd is Sham el Nessim Day, heralding the beginning of spring

  • May 1st Labor Day

  • July 23rd is Revolution Day

If you are going to have a vacation in Sharm El Sheikh, you can make a calendar of such special days and adjust yourself accordingly.

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