The Most Touristic Place in Sharm El Sheikh: Old Market

The Old Market, one of the most touristic areas of Sharm El Sheikh, is a marketplace located in the center of the city and reflects the traditional shopping and eating and drinking culture of Egypt.

The Old Market has been in existence for about 40 years. The historic bazaar of the market offers a different shopping experience to its visitors with its narrow streets, colorful stalls and lively atmosphere.

In the marketplace, you can find a wide range of Egyptian souvenirs, local clothes, spices, fruits and vegetables. There are also restaurants serving traditional Egyptian food.

The Old Market is a must-visit for tourists to Sharm El Sheikh. The marketplace has a lively atmosphere in the evenings as well as during the day.

What to do in the Old Market?

  • Buy Egyptian souvenirs.

  • Try traditional Egyptian clothes.

  • Buy spices and fruits and vegetables.

  • Taste traditional Egyptian dishes.

  • Experience the lively atmosphere of the marketplace.

How to get to the Old Market?

Old Market is located in the center of Sharm El Sheikh. You can easily reach the market on foot or by taxi.

Visiting Hours of the Old Market

The Old Market is open daily from 09:00 am until 22:00 pm.

Before you go...

Always change your money into Egyptian Pounds. You will be the loser in every transaction paid in dollars. There are exchange bureaus in the shopping areas and some shopkeepers will exchange your money into Egyptian Pounds for a reasonable fee.

Don't Forget to Bargain!

It is important to bargain when shopping in the Old Market. Sellers can often give high prices in the first place. For this reason, you can shop at more affordable prices by bargaining. Since the shopkeepers usually give very high prices, you can get the product you are trying to buy for 1/4 the price by bargaining.

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