Top 10 Activities for Sharm el-Sheikh

Ready for the top 10 activities for Sharm El Sheikh? Also called Sharm for short, this region is located in the South Sinai province of Egypt. It is one of the most important vacation and tourism cities in the country. Located on the coastline between the Sinai Mountains and the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh attracts great attention, especially from foreign tourists. When you vacation in this wonderful region, you will be able to experience beautiful activities. Are you ready to come to Sharm El Sheikh with its entertainment options, accommodation, local flavors and much more? In this content, we will guide you and introduce the region to you.

Todos in Sharm El Sheikh?

  • Explore Underwater

  • Participate in Desert Activities

  • Boat Tours

  • Take a Dive

  • Naama Bay Discovery

  • Old Market (Souk)

  • Soho Square

  • Daily Cairo Trip with Flights

  • Go to Hurghada

  • Go to St. Catherine's Monastery

Explore Underwater

We've put the region's aquatic world at the top of our top 10 activities for Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharm El Sheikh, on Egypt's Red Sea coast, is one of the world's most popular scuba diving destinations. The waters near the city are famous for a rich marine life and stunning coral reefs.

The best time to dive

The best time to dive in Sharm El Sheikh is between April and October. During these months, water temperatures are between 20-25 degrees Celsius and visibility is usually above 30 meters.

The Red Sea truly deserves all the praise that has been heaped upon it. When you dive into the water, you will encounter magnificent beauties. Corals and colorful fish will offer you visual feasts as if saying hello.

Best dive sides

There are many places to dive in Sharm El Sheikh. Some of the most popular places include:

  • Ras Mohammad Marine Park:

    This park is home to some of the best diving sites in the Red Sea. Here you can see large pelagic fish, sharks and manta rays.

  • Strait of Tirana:

    This strait is home to four different reef areas. These areas are ideal for healthy corals, large schools of fish and sharks.

  • Temple:

    This local dive site has a peak with an abundance of coral and marine life.

  • Ras Nasrani: This local dive site has a spectacular coral garden.

Participate in Desert Activities

It is also possible to participate in lake tours here. You can either ride a camel or rent an ATV for a wonderful adventure. This experience will cost you an average of 25-40 dollars. We strongly recommend you to try this entertainment activity, which is also open to negotiation.

Boat Tours

You can make your Sharm El Sheikh vacation even more fun by taking boat tours. During these boat tours, you can also see the beautiful islands. You can also scuba dive into the sea during the boat tour. There are also professional photographers on the boat. As a result of a tight bargain, you can have a photo shoot at an affordable price.

Take a Dive

One of the indispensable options among Sharm El Sheikh activities is undoubtedly diving. Swimming freely among hundreds of different fish and corals will almost discharge you. There are different spots for diving here. Of course, we can say that each of these points is extremely beautiful.

Naama Bay Discovery

Naama Bay, considered the center of Sharm, has a wonderful beauty. There are many wonderful entertainment venues, shopping malls, playgrounds, cafes and restaurants in this area. We can recommend exploring Naama Bay, especially for families with children.

Old Market (Souk)

The Old Market, which is about 5 to 6 minutes away from Naama Bay, is a very attractive place. Although it is one of the oldest markets in the region, it has a very sparkling appearance thanks to the renovations made in recent years. There is a mosque called "Al Sahaba" right in the center. There are hundreds of shops around the mosque. You can go to these shops to see the products sold and shop as you wish.

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